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SMMSO2017 (Acaya, Italy)

SMMSO2017 Program

Opening: Tullio Tolio Opening
Vision-Oriented Keynote: Stanley B. Gershwin Keynote
Keynote: Baris Tan Design, Analysis and Control of Output Dynamics of Production Systems
Tempelmeier and Kirste Dynamic Capacitated Lot Sizing with Random Demand and Random Yield
Manitz, Hermann, and Munninger Considering Sequence-dependent Stochasticity in Production Schedules
Colledani and Gershwin Dynamic Lead Time Based Control Point Policy for Multi Stage Manufacturing Systems
Di Mascolo, Flaus, and Negrichi A Simulation Tool to Assess the Performance of Production Systems in Degraded Mode
Pedrielli and Ju Multi-Level Monte Carlo Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
Mindlina and Tempelmeier Performance Evaluation of Milkrun-supplied Flow Lines
Askin, Jampani, and Hanumantha Analysis of Performance Approximations for Queueing Networks with Non-homogeneous Arrival Processes
Wu and Shen Stability Conditions for Multiclass Queueing Networks
Zhang, Xi, Chen, Li, and Yu Vehicle Configuration in an Integrated Material Handling System with State-dependent Batch Transfer
Jang and Yeo Stochastic Systems Modeling for Wireless Charging Electric Vehicle
Tolio Deterministic Asynchronous Two-machine Lines
Fitouhi, Nourelfath, and Gershwin Performance Evaluation of a Two-machine Line with a Finite Buffer and Condition-based Maintenance
Vogel and Stolletz The Optimal Time to Adapt the Processing Rate in a Make-to-order Production System
Frigeiro, Matta, and Shanthikumar Dynamic Programming for Energy State Control of Machine Tools in Manufacturing with Part Admission Control
Manafzadeh, Dizbin, and Tan Production/Inventory Control with Correlated Demand
MacGregor Smith Optimization of Buffers, Service Rates, & Population in Closed Finite Queueing Networks
Zhang, Matta, Alfieri, and Pedrielli Simulation Cutting Approach: Joint Workstation, Workload and Buffer Allocation Problem
Helber Approaches for Machine Selection and Buffer Allocation in Stochastic Flow Lines
Holzapfel, Kuhn, and Hübner A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach for Assigning Inventories in Multi-channel Retailing
Canyakmaz, Karaesmen, and Özekici Minimum Variance Hedging for Managing Price Risks
Ghadimi and Heavey Intelligent Evaluation of Suppliers' Sustainability Performance Using Multi-agent Systems in Distributed Supply Chains
Hosseini and Tan Modeling and Analysis of a Collaborative Production Network
Framinan Capacity Considerations in the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains: The Effect on Lead Times
Legros, Jouini, Aksin, and Koole Imbrication of Services Between High Priority and Back-office Tasks
Liberopoulos Optimal Buffer Allocation in Serial Production Lines Operating Under IB, EB, and CONWIP Policies
Korugan, Ata, and Fadiloglu The Impact of Orbit Dependent Return Rate on the Control Policies of a Hybrid Production System
Schwarz and Stolletz Numerical Comparison of Kanban Mechanisms for Production Systems with Time-dependent Processing Times
Magnanini and Tolio Decomposition of Asynchronous Automated Long Lines with Finite Buffer Capacity
Diamantidis, Papadopoulos, Lee, and Li The Decomposition Equations of Flow Lines with Multiple Exponential Unreliable Non-Identical Parallel-machine Workstations
Furmans, Liberopoulos, Rimmele, and Zimmermann Review of Models for Large Scale Manufacturing Networks
Van Ooijen and De Kok Optimal Planned Lead Times for Tandem Queues: a Queueing Approach
Gebennini, Grassi, and Rimini A Bernoulli Model for the Single-vendor Single-buyer Supply Chain
Büyükdagli, Nadar, and Fadiloglu Decomposition via Column Generation for Control of Tandem Production Lines
Jang and Yosephine Teaching Stochastic Systems Modeling using LEGO Robotics-based Manufacturing Systems
Wu Theory of Constraints