Traveling to Volos


Volos can be reached by car, intercity bus or train from Athens (320 km) and Thessaloniki (210 km), which are the two main Greek cities with large international airports. 


For participants arriving to Athens International Airport (AIA) there will be shuttle buses hired to bring them and their accompanying persons to Volos and return them to AIA. The tentative shuttle bus schedule is as follows: 


  • Sunday, May 31: AIA - Volos, Departure: ~19:00 

  • Monday, June 1: AIA - Volos, Departure: ~ 14:00

  • Saturday, June 6, Volos - AIA, Departure ~ 08:00


People who have signed up to take the shuttle bus are requested to start arriving at the meeting point forty five (45) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the bus. The meeting point is the place labeled "Meeting Point" at the Arrivals Level of the airport.To locate the Meeting Point, click here and then expand "Airport Services" and check "Meeting Point". The bus will wait for the last persons scheduled to arrive, unless their flights are severely delayed.


On Sunday, May 31, George Kozanidis (mob: +30 6972695730) will be at the Meeting Point between 18:00-19:00 to meet the participants taking the shuttle bus to Volos and will escort them to the bus.


On Monday, June 1, Panagiotis Andrianesis (mob:  +30 6945372767) will be at the Meeting Point between 13:00-14:00 to meet the participants taking the shuttle bus to Volos and will escort them to the bus. 


Participants who miss the shuttle busses and have made no other special trasportation arrangements, will have to come to Volos on their own, by car, intercity bus, or train.


The intercity bus (ICB) from Athens to Volos departs from ICB station "Liosion" (in Greek "Yperastikos Stathmos Leoforion Liosion" or "KTEL Liosion") located in Athens center. For ICB ticket reservations click here. The bus trip Athens-Volos should take about 4:30 hrs including a stop in a rest area (the "express" buses take slightly less time than the regular buses). To reach the ICB station "Liosion" from AIA, take Express Bus X93 and get off at the appropriate stop (it should be the 9th out of 12 stops). The trip should take one hour. For more information on AIA-Athens bus services, also click here


The train from Athens to Volos departs from the railway station "Larisis" (or "Larisa") (in Greek "Stathmos Larisis") located in Athens center. For train ticket reservations click here. The train trip Athens-Volos should take about 5 hrs as there is a change of trains in the city of Larisa. To reach the railway station Larisis from AIA, take the Athens Metro Line 3 (blue line) to Syntagma (square) station and change to Line 2 (red line), direction "Anthoupoli". Get off at the fourth station. The trip AIA-railway station Larisis should take about 50 minutes.


Volos also has a small airport located near the small town of Nea Anchialos, 20 km South-East of the city. Several airline companies (mostly low-budget and charter flight companies) have direct flight to Volos from several European origins, but they don't fly every day. Some of them offer very good price tickets for reservations made well in advance.


For more information visit the website of Nea Anchialos National Airport. (also known as Volos Airport).

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