Abstract submission


Interested authors should submit a one-page abstract (pdf) to smmso2015@mie.uth.gr


New deadline for submitting abstract: January 23, 2015 (original deadline: January 15, 2015)



Limited access


The number of presentations is limited due to capacity restrictions and the special format of the conference which entails single-track sessions and sufficient time to meet and discuss research. Therefore, it may not be possible to accept all submitted abstracts.



Paper submission


Authors whose submitted abstract is accepted should submit a full-length paper (maximum 8 pages) to smmso2015@mie.uth.gr. The paper will be included in the Conference Proceedings and will be presented at the conference.


New deadline for submitting full-length paper: March 30, 2015 (original deadline: March 15, 2015)


Paper format

The main features of the paper format are:

  • Page size: B5 (18.2 cm x 25.7 cm)

  • Page layout: mirrored margins (top: 2 cm, bottom: 3 cm, inside: 2.5 cm, outside: 2 cm)

  • Text body: Times New Roman 9pt plain; alignment: full; line spacing: single; paragraph spacing: none

  • Section Header: Times New Roman 11pt bold; alignement: full; line spacing: single; paragraph spacing: before: 6 pt; after 3pt

  • Subsection Header: Times New Roman 10pt bold; alignement: full; line spacing: single; paragraph spacing: before: 6 pt; after 3pt

  • References: Harvard style (author, date)

  • Page numbers: Don't include any


To write the paper, download the SMMSO 2015 conference paper MS Word template and edit it.


Alternatively, use another sofware of your preference (e.g. LaTeX) and try to follow in it as closely as possible the format of the MS Word template.


In either case, submit the source file (.doc or .tex) and a pdf file of your paper.





To download the proceedings of the SMMSO 2015 conference, click here.



Journal publications


As in all previous SMMSO conferences, it is expected that SMMSO 2015 will be followed by a special issue/volume call for papers intended to disseminate the results presented in the conference together with those obtained by other researchers in this area. Below is a list of special issues/volumes that have originated from past SMMSO conferences:


  • “Performance evaluation and optimization of production lines.” Annals of Operations Research 93 (1-4), 2000. More


  • Analysis and Modeling of Manufacturing Systems. International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Vol. 60, Springer, New York, NY, 2003. More


  • “Stochastic models of production-inventory systems.” Annals of Operations Research 125-126 (1-4), 2004. More


  • “Stochastic models for the design, coordination, and control of manufacturing systems”. OR Spectrum 27 (2-3), 2005. More


  • Stochastic Modeling of Manufacturing Systems: Advances in Design, Performance Evaluation and Control Issues. Springer, Berlin, 2006. More


  • “Stochastic models for the evaluation, design, and operation of manufacturing systems.” IIE Transactions 40 (3), 2008. More


  • “Advances in manufacturing systems.” Annals of Operations Research 182 (1), 2011. More


  • “Stochastic models of manufacturing and service system operations.” Annals of Operations Research 209 (1), 2013. More


  • Handbook of Stochastic Models and Analysis of Manufacturing System Operations. International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Vol. 192. Springer, New York, NY, 2013. More


  • “Advances in stochastic models of manufacturing and service operations.” Annals of Operations Research, forthcoming 2014. More


  • “New developments of stochastic models of manufacturing and service operations.” International Journal of Production Research, forthcoming 2015. More

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