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"Analysis of Manufacturing Systems"

July 1-4, 2003 - Doryssa Bay Hotel, Samos Island, Greece


General Information




The primary orientation of these series of conferences is the reporting of new research in the general area of mathematical modelling, analysis, design and optimization of Manufacturing Systems.  

Manufacturing Systems are broadly interpreted to include not only the basic production system used in the manufacture of the product but the material and product flow lines and information systems from supplier to final customer including the final disposal or recycling of the product.

The scope of "design" as far as the conference is concerned, incorporates the overall conceptual design as well as the more detailed sub-system design.

"Analysis" covers not only understanding how the manufacturing system operates but also how it should be used to achieve desired operations management and top level company objectives.

"Optimization" of Manufacturing Systems captures all the procedures to improve the performance of Manufacturing Systems via the use of various techniques in various problems such as the buffer allocation problem, the workload allocation problem, the server allocation problem, the number and the ordering of the workstations of these systems, among others.

The conference particularly welcomes papers related to the use of analytical and mathematical methods to industrial based projects.

The scope of the Conference is to serve as a forum for researchers, academics and industrialists in the broad area of Manufacturing Systems Analysis to discuss their most recent research findings and to provide them with an opportunity for technology transfer. Some opportunities for collaborative research work arose out of the previous three Conferences and there will be similar opportunities on this occasion.


The fundamental theme of the Conference is the application of mathematical methods in the analysis of manufacturing/production systems. Papers are invited on the topics listed below but papers on other topics will also be considered.


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Organizing Committee
J. Darzentas University of the Aegean, Greece
S. Katsikas University of the Aegean, Greece
M.E.J. O’Kelly National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
C. Papadopoulos (Chairman) University of the Aegean, Greece
T. Spyrou   University of the Aegean, Greece
Ch. Tsagaris University of the Aegean, Greece
M. Vidalis University of the Aegean, Greece
G. Vouros University of the Aegean, Greece


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Scientific Committee 
J. Buzacott York University, Canada
Y. Dallery Ecole Centrale Paris, France
S. Gershwin MIT, USA
G. Liberopoulos University of Thessaly, Greece
J. MacGregor Smith University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
B. Tan Koç University, Turkey


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Christos Tsagaris

Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean,

Samos, Greece, GR 83 200

Tel.: ++ 30 2273 0 82060, Fax: ++ 30 2273 0 82069





The conference will be held in the town of Pythagorion at the Doryssa Bay Hotel (Photos from Sivylla Conference Center) on the island of Samos, Greece.

Samos is one of the most fortunate of the Greek islands in the Aegean Archipelago with its variety of natural beauties its long and rich history and it's lively economy. The natural attractions of Samos do not stop at a few picturesque old ports or fine beaches. Samos also has rugged mountain scenery to offer the visitor and peaceful, fertile plains.

Samos’s location played a great role in its development. It lies in the Eastern Aegean, very close to the coast of Asia Minor (to which it was joined until earthquakes brought about a separation), in the heart of Ionia, almost midway along the sea route that links Greece with Anatolia, the Black Lack Sea, Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras, Aristarchus and Epicurus, is one of the biggest islands. Its unique natural, the climate and the archaeological interest have turned this island in a distinct resort and a historical treasure that gathers many tourists

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Contact Information 

Chrissoleon  T. Papadopoulos


Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean

Hermoupolis, Syros, GR 84 100, Greece

Tel: ++ 30 2281 0 97130, Fax: ++ 30 2281 0 97009












Ministry of Education, Ministry of the Aegean, Ministry of Culture, University of the Aegean (Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering and Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering), EOSS, Bank of Greece, The Panhellenic Religious Foundation “Evangelistria of Tinos”, Prefecture of Samos, Municipality of Karlovassi, Municipality of Vathi, University of Piraeus (Department of Industrial Management and Technology, Postgraduate Programme on Logistics), Cultural Foundation “Nikolaos Dimitriou”, Intraccount A.E. Business Professional Training, Rhenia Tours, Ziti Publications.


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