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"Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems"

May 19-22, 2001 - Tinos Island, Greece


Program Information


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Conference Program

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Invited Speakers 

STANLEY B. GERSHWIN (USA): Keynote Speaker


Allon G.

Iakovou E.

Tan B.

Batzias F.

Tagaras G.

Galiatsatos C.

Axsater S.

Ishikura H.

Tempelmeier H.

Bilalis N.

Tatsiopoulos I.

Kniker T.,

Buzacott J. A.

Kerbache L.

Tolio T.

Daskalaki S.

Zazanis M.

Makris S.

Caramanis M.

Kuhn H.

Van der Wal J.

Ioannou G.

Zografos K.

Makrokanis G.

Dallery Y.

MacGregor Smith J.

Yeralan S.

Kouikoglou V.

Mittman S.

Di-Mascolo M.

Malhamé R.

Zijm W.H.M.

Liberopoulos G.

Modestou T.

Gaonkar R.

Meerkov S.

Moustakis V.

 Nonaka Y.

Grubbstrom R.

Raviv T.


Pappis C.


Heavey C.

Sawik T.


Prastacos G.




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The Conference fee is 300 $ US . The fee includes:

(1) The hotel accommodation in Athens for the night of Wednesday, May 23, 2001 and the extra night of Friday, May 18, 2001, for those who will arrive in Athens late in the afternoon of that day. 

(2) The transfer from Athens to Tinos island and back, by bus and boat/highspeed (details will be given later). 

(3) The hotel accommodation on Tinos island for the nights of Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday. This includes both breakfast and lunch at the hotel. 

(4) All the dinners. 

(5) The proceedings book of the conference.

How to pay the conference fee?

(1) The conference fee is USD300. Do not send the equivalent amount in your currency. 


(2) A Bank Cheque (of 300 US Dollars) must be issued and not a personal cheque, to the name:



(3) Please send the bank cheque to the postal address, before end of February 2001:

Chrissoleon Papadopoulos

c/o Dept. of Business Administration

University of the Aegean

8, Michalon Street,

GR-821 00 Chios




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Proceedings (Instructions for authors)

The size of  paper  not to exceed the 10 pages

The deadline for the submission of full paper is the end of February 2001, in order to proceed with the preparation of the conference proceedings book.

Please send papers to Mr. Christos Tsagaris at the e-mail address: 



General guidelines about the format of paper:

The text must be written in Word 97 or Word 2000 or Latex using the Times new Roman fonts. The text must be single-spaced, and a blank line should follow each paragraph.


(centered, capitals, bold, Times New Roman, 14 pt).


(Two empty lines).


Author(s) name(s)

(centered, Times New Roman, 12 pt)


(One empty line).


Author(s) Affiliation, Phone, email-address

(centered, Italics, Times New Roman, 12 pt)


(Three empty lines).



(Italics, Times New Roman, 12 pt)

(Two empty lines)



(Italics, Times New Roman, 12 pt)

(Two empty lines)


The body of the paper.

(Times New Roman, 12 pt).


Page Margins: Left: 3 cm, Right: 3 cm, Bottom: 3 cm, Top: 3 cm.



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