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SMMSO2017 (Acaya, Italy)

SMMSO2017 Program


2015 (Volos, Greece)

SMMSO2015 Program

Invited Talk: George Shanthikumar Decentralized control of stochastic multi-agent service system
Burnetas Customer Equilibrium Strategies in a Feed Forward Queueing Network with Join Topology
Bursi, Gebennini, Grassi and Rimini Analytical modeling of part supply process in a bin-kanban system with logistic trains
Chrysochoou and Ziliaskopoulos Stochastic Inventory Routing Problem with Transshipment Recourse Action
Colledani, Angius, Horvath and Gershwin Lead Time Dependent Product Deterioration in Manufacturing Systems with Serial, Assembly and Closed-loop Layouts
Decouttere, Vandaele, Hahn and Sens A multi-criteria contract manufacturing approach in a stochastic manufacturing environment
Economou, Grigoriou, Burnetas, and Vasiliadis Strategic customer behavior in queueing systems with mixed/delayed observation structure
Epp, Stoll, Scherer, Pagani and Furmans A decomposition approach for the calculation of the cycle time distribution of closed queueing systems
Fadiloglu and Büyükdagli Continuous Time Control of Tandem Production Lines
Furmans, Schmidt, Meinhardt, Epp and Rimmele Analytical computation of sojourn time distributions in large scale conveyer systems
Konstantas, Grigoroudis, Kouikoglou and Ioannidis A Simple Model of the Effects of Quality on Market Share and Profitability in Single Stage Manufacturing Systems
Kuhn, Wensing and Sternbeck Evaluation of case-pack sizes in grocery retailing using a Markov Chain approach
Lagershausen and Tan On the Inter-departure, Inter-start, and Cycle Time Distribution of Closed Queueing Networks Subject to Blocking
Liberopoulos, Takoumis and Pandelis Using shadow prices in a linear programing representation of Kanban system dynamics to maximize system throughput
Matta, Na, Lin and Shanthikumar Operational Learning of Approximate Analytical Methods for Performance Evaluation of Manufacturing Systems
Mindlina and Tempelmeier Analysis of a closed flow production system with a dynamic WIP level
Mytalas and Zazanis Flow Modulating Effects of Inspection Stations in Manufacturing Lines
van Ooijen, Bertrand and Büyükkaramikli Coordinating Failed Goods Collecting Policies and Repair Capacity Policies in the Maintenance of Commoditized Capital Goods
Oz and Karaesmen On a Production/Inventory System with Strategic Customers and Unobservable Inventory Levels
Pagani, Tollio and Furmans An analytical model to determine the reaction levels in a lean manufacturing system
Panda, Goswami and Banik Equilibrium abandonment strategies in a cloud management system (CMS): A queueing approach
Pedrielli, Zhu and Lee Single-Run Simulation Optimization through Time Dilation and Optimal Computing Budget Allocation
Rimmele, Furmans and Epp Discrete-time analysis of a 4-way-crossing in conveying systems under the dispatching policy round robin
Rotondo, Dagkakis, Young, Heavey and Geraghty Embedding Optimization with Discrete Event Simulation
Tan and Karabag Cooperation on Purchasing - Modeling and Analysis of Group Purchasing Organizations
Taxakis and Papadopoulos A design model and a production-distribution and inventory planning model of a multi-node, multi-product supply chain network
Shi and Gershwin Lead Time Distribution of Three-Machine Two-Buffer Lines with Unreliable Machines and Finite Buffers
(production line movie)
MacGregor Smith Closed Finite Queueing Network Models with General Service Time Distributions
Vrisagotis, Geranios and Vidalis The effect of supplier interruptions on a merge supply network. Comparison between Coxian and exponential approaches
Vidalis, Koukoumialos, Diamantidis and Blanas Performance evaluation of a merge supply network: A production centre with multiple different reliable suppliers
Weiss, Schwarz and Stolletz Buffer Allocation Problems for stochastic flow lines with unreliable machines
Wu and Zhao Dependence among single queues in seies
Zhao, Li and Huang Analysis of Flexible Serial Lines with Setups
Zissis, Ioannou and Burnetas Quantity Discounts in Supply Chain Coordination under Multi-level Information Asymmetry